Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate
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Award winning quilter, Sharon Sebrow, has been quilting for over 20 years. Sharon has designed the    Kaleidoscope-Smart-Plate   template and technique to make the traditional Kaleidoscope block beginner-friendly, outlined in her book, Kaleidoscope the Smart Way, (AQS Pub. 2009.)

She enjoys designing new ways to make and use traditional blocks and continues to teach all levels and all ages of quilters. Check out some of her FREE PATTERNS for fun quick projects.

Sharon also enjoys other types of needle-art including knit, crochet,  embroidery, and needlepoint.




Piecing a traditional kaleidoscope quilt couldn't be simpler!

The patented Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate is a brand new quilting template designed to simplify and speed-up the construction of the traditional pieced Kaleidoscope block. There is no cutting or sewing of narrow pointed triangles. Even a beginner can have great success by making the Kaleidoscope block the Smart-Plate way.

The Pin-Wheel block is a basic beginner block made of simple Half-Square Triangle patches. These are easy to make and with the Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate, even a beginner can get the central intersecting points to match. Start with a basic Pin-Wheel block, then use the Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate  to trim it at the correct angle to obtain a perfectly sized, traditional Kaleidoscope block.

Whether you are making an 8-patch "kites in the corner" version; a 12-patch "Center Octagon" version; or a combination of the two, the Right-handed and Left-handed guidelines make it quick and easy to make the Kaleidoscope block in finished blocks from 2" to 6" with the small, or 7" to 12"* with the large, Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate . Now a beginner can be as successful as an experienced quilter when making the Kaleidoscope block, and an experienced quilter can add the Kaleidoscope block to their "quick and easy-blocks" repertoire.

Mix it up a bit! Use plain squares with Half-Square triangles in a Pin-Wheel variation to open up design possibilities with your altered Kaleidoscope block. Now you can use the block in borders, sashings or overall pattern. Minimize your piecing and maximize the visual effect of your quilts.

Give your blocks a tilt! The tilted block is all the rage, giving a simple block an exciting twist. Not only can you make the Kaleidoscope block with the Patent Pending Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate  , but it will also open up design possibilities when using other blocks trimmed with the Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate  . See what happens when you start with a block as simple as a 4-patch or a 9-patch.


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For more information on the Kaleidoscope Smart-Plate , patterns by Sharon Sebrow, and her class schedule, email:  info@smartplatequilting.com